About Us

Owner, Bill Finesilver has been building for over 25 years and is a husband and father of three and lives in Dahlonega Georgia.  A long time ago he learned that not all companies are the same, and even more interesting, he discovered that within a given company, it was the people and not the company that made every endeavor a success or failure. As a result he decided to start "collecting" people.   Now when he finds a person that is trustworthy and gifted and special, he follows that person wherever they may go, and makes them a part of the team.  


At Wolf Creek Homes we believe that we have assembled a quality team of gifted craftsmen and hard working individuals, committed to our clients success.


Our goal is to make raving fans of our clients and to become more than business partners with those who decide to allow us the privilege of building their home.

So why Wolf Creek?


There are a lot of moving parts to home building.  From budgeting, to scheduling, to quality control, to warranty and a myriad of other details all requiring focused attention.  


We believe that we are not just another company, but are a group of gifted and responsible individuals, all working together to give you a product we are happy to put our names on, and reputations behind.


We thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you!